How To Buy Back Your Time With an Assistant

Get proven templates and processes for being more productive with an assistant

Find out what types of tasks you can delegate to a VA to get more done in less time

Learn how to create documentation like playbooks to improve communication and your working relationship with your assistant
Discover three ways to hire an assistant and the stair-step approach to project and task delegation


How to Buy Back Your Time with an Assistant is an ebook guide to hiring and working with an assistant in a way that helps you save time.

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Does working with your assistant sometimes feel like it’s creating more work?

In this four-part ebook, David Hauser starts off with diving into why working with an assistant may not be working for you right now.

He breaks down the opportunity cost of inefficient processes to show you just how much this potential inefficiency could be costing your business.

You’ll find out which tasks you should actually be delegating to your VA and uncover common misconceptions that may hold you back from getting the most out of your assistant.

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Communicating how to do a task can often take more effort than just doing the task yourself—unless you have the right documentation!

In Part 2, Hauser illustrates what types of documentation you need to make working with your assistant as productive as possible.

You’ll get a dossier example and template for smoother communication and find out how to create a playbook for annual needs.

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Hiring can be its own challenge. That’s why in Part 3, you’ll learn three methods for hiring a virtual assistant and the stair-step approach to delegating tasks to ease into outsourcing.

Plus, How to Buy Back Your Time with an Assistant goes beyond helping you maximize productivity with an assistant.

It also gives you access to templates and additional resources to make the process easier!

With free playbook templates, a reading list, and a list of outsourcing companies, you’ll have everything you need to hire your next assistant and be successful from the start.

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Virtual assistants can be a gamechanger for your business, especially if you have a small—or non-existent—team. (Happy hour is arguably more fun when it’s not just you and your cat.)

But if you want to actually get your time back and not make more work for yourself, you’ll have to put the right processes into place.

Unlock everything you need to hire and work with an assistant efficiently, plus playbooks, templates, and workflows you can put into action now.

Get free access to How to Buy Back Your Time with an Assistant eBook today!

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