KudosLink is digital gift platform with kanban-style wall for gifs, memes, images, videos or messages

KudosLink is a recognition tool for celebrating special moments like birthday, birth of child, wedding, promotion, anniversary, farewell, #GetWellSoon or Hero of the Month. It is a simple link where you can pin personalized text, memes, gifs, videos

KudosLink is digital gift platformwith kanban-style wall for gifs, memes, images, videos or messages for these usecases.

It can be used as B2B product for HR managers for colleagues but also as B2C individual product for private and personal use cases.

A few benefits include:

  • It saves money of HR department which doesn’t need to buy physical presents
  • When employees feel engaged, appreciated, and valued – they are more likely to stay
  • This personalized virtual present has much higher emotional value than receiving chocolate and wine
  • Culture of recognition improves happiness, belonging, engagement and productivity

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