A completely paperless, streamlined online system that helps save you hours of mundane paperwork per employee

LeaveWizard is a fully-automated online employee leave and absence management system.

Are you still using spreadsheets to track staff absences and holidays? LeaveWizardhas looked at all the pain points of tracking holiday allowances from shift work, TOIL, overtime, working from home, etc. — and they’ve got the solution, all in one app!You can have different people in various locations and all their local public holidays accounted for, by using their software, making work-from-home a cinch!How does it work? Employees simply log onto the app to request holidays. Managers can see who else is off and even allocate someone to cover (if needed), and then approve everything in under 60 seconds.You can also set up rules to manage leave requests before they get to the approver, effectively restricting the number of people off in one team, and minimizing the impact of annual leave on key teams.LeaveWizard also has a friendly support team based in the UK.

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Different rules for different teams to ensure key teams are always staffed





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