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Let Contentrain serve as your new home base.

Contentrain is a Git-based headless CMS that focuses on developer and content editor experience first. All web projects need to have high Lighthouse scores, great SEO optimization performance, and quality content. Contentrain offers all of these benefits to your web projects with the power of Static Sites and the power of Git. ⚡

We love helping bring your projects to life.

Contentrain is framework agnostic, meaning you can use all Jamstack SSG frameworks… such as Nuxt.js, Next.js, Gatsby, 11ty, Hugo, Gridsome, Jekyll, and more.

Our No-code Content Schema generator tree.

Contentrain provides flexible and relational data models with no-code interfaces for developers. Keep your Collection Schemas for yourself or share them with the community. Contentrain has great productivity-enhancing features for developers like Shared Collections and Saved Collections.

A clean, easy-to-read dashboard overview.

Contentrain is one of the most developer-experienced products that developers can use with modern technologies. It is also the easiest CMS for those who do not have coding knowledge to manage the content on their websites. Content teams can manage content as if using a simple spreadsheet program (Excel, Google Sheets) with modern interfaces, providing maximum productivity in projects with user-role management and multi-language support. With the historical content control provided by Contentrain’s Git-based structure, data loss and security issues are no longer an issue for you.

Options abound when it comes to determining roles.

Distributing your websites via CDN is one of the smartest solutions for SEO, security,  and speed. Contentrain is the perfect tool for dynamic content on your statically published sites. Take a look at the Serverless and Jamstack architectures that are on the rise on the web. Freelancers, startups, small businesses, and enterprise companies meet the practical and innovative way of producing and distributing content on modern web projects. 🤝 Get lifetime access to Contentrain today!

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