OnWhatsApp fixes the basics and gets the job done

Create your online catalogue and take orders via OnWhatsApp.

Born from the need to have a website done up fast for web presence while simultaneously maintaining communication with your customers, OnWhatsApphas quickly gone from concept to reality.The creators saw small retailers, mom & pop shops, garage sellers, standalone coffee shops, and other small businesses struggle to build websites and make them eCommerce-friendly.They saw the problem… and then they came up with a solution.Product Management? Check.Catalog in a beautiful website? Check.Store settings to set up your store link, currency, payment instructions, and delivery fees? Check.Check out the demo here: https://onwhats.app/demo. Get lifetime access to OnWhatsApp now!


Best for: Coffee shops, retailers, agencies, mom & pop stores, grocery stores, & home bakers to get started for cheap



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