An all in one tool for employee management, payroll creation, clients management, invoicing and more

Imagine a tool that helps your business to stay organized.

WithOsaboxyou get an all-in-one platform featuring project management, client management, employee management, payroll generation, time billing, and invoicing and many more.

Whether your business operates in one location, or multiple locations, you create branches and use all the tools in each branch to manage your clients, employees and projects.


Client management system.

All your clients in an encrypted and secured place that only you have access to and you never lose track of them and the communication you have done with them.

Employee / Team management

Whether you have 2 employees or thousands, create a payroll that shows you how much you spend on remuneration, and let your employees get clean e-payslips.

All additions are automatically calculated and added to your payroll expenditures.

Don’t worry about your time not being counted when working on a clients project, you will get the tool that will bill for every hour that you spend and you set the currency and amount and also create and send a fee not seamlessly to the client.

Easy to create projects and set deadlines.

Build that organization chart and let your employees know the hierarchy of the company, and also their positions in the organization.

Generate signed invoices and quotations for your clients and send them instantly and be alerted that they opened them.

Manage all your clients with ease.

The project management tool will help you to organize all work that comes through your business, assign leaders, and send them notification when to start and the due dates.

Leaders and team members can add milestone till the project is a success.

Get started today and use a tool that helps you stay organized.

Deal terms & conditions

    Lifetime access to Osabox Platinum Plan

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    • All future Osabox Platinum Plan updates
    • This deal is stackable

    60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

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