Pomozzo is an online to-do list and task management to organize your life and projects

Time and focus are very important, sohacking your productivity to be more efficient is the first step.

Start by usingPomozzoto make smart management of it.


Based on the Pomodoro technique


Pomodoro technique utilized.

Pomodoro timers are used in this tool to divide work into focused blocks of time (usually 25 minutes) separated by a short break, usually five minutes.

You can schedule and assign deadlines, assign priorities, and visually assess the criticality of each task.

Kanban style to-do list.

Organize your tasks using lists. Make your list views unique to your style and workflow by adding Kanban-style.

History and productivity analytics.

You cannot improve what you cannot measure; Pomozzo provides you with a comprehensive suite of reports and analytics.

Our team will send you a weekly report via email summarizing the activity during the previous week.

Get the peace of mind you’ve been longing for and get access to Pomozzo today!

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