Retargetify - Brand, Track, Retarget With Your Links for More Conversions

Track, Target, Retarget Your Customers With 100% Accuracy

Your offer might be good, but if you are not properly keeping track of your links, campaign performance and your audience data you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Retargetify is an advanced link branding and management tool that helps you increase your conversions & sales using simple, powerful & recognizable branded links.

Shorten, customize and track your link performance – With Retargetify, you can properly own your links using your own custom domain, track your traffic with the UTM builder and understand your audience better using advanced analytics on your dashboard.

Retargetify also helps you target your audience how they best want to be reached by showing them the content that best converts for them based on their device, location or even language.

This way they feel heard and understood.

With Retargetify you can also retarget everyone who clicks on your links and funnel them into your Facebook pixel, Google tracking and any other marketing platform, and all this takes only a few seconds to set up.

It’s now easier and faster than ever to take control of your links and traffic and also get the best conversions from your campaigns.

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