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Greetings! Ben, The SaaS CFO, here! The SaaS Pitch Deck template is here! I partnered with a top designer, Felipe Bottrel, to bring you a SaaS-specific template. It’s called PitchSavior. These pitch templates are designed for early-stage startups to tell their story and raise capital. Forget the generic pitch deck templates with 500+ slide designs, 100 color variations, and 10,000 icons!!! It’s just too overwhelming and a waste of our time. The progression of these SaaS pitch deck templates was inspired by Y Combinator’s pitch deck. It was reviewed by several investors and given the thumbs up. Of course, every investor wants to see something a little different, but we did the design heavy lifting so that you can focus on your startup and your story. And ultimately, raising capital 🙂 Each section of the template includes several different layouts. Each layout is designed differently. Choose the slide layout that best tells your story. The Pitch Deck Templates Every SaaS business is different, so select the pitch deck template that best suits your brand. Oh, and don’t worry, all style variants include our signature collection of layouts and features. Includes 3 Templates: The “Clean One” Template The “Fancy One” Template The “Friendly One” Template





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