The World's Best Buyer Persona System

Before you can outsell and outgrow, you need to outsmart your competition first! This course will walk you through the proven process of The World’s Best Buyer Persona® System, which is your first step to outsmarting others in your space. Once completed and implemented, you will have the necessary tools and knowledge to remarkability change your marketing and sales results. Course curriculum Introduction Session 1 – Who is your ideal customer? Session 2: Create your marketing wheel Session 3: Positioning Factors Session 4: T.I.N.B – There is no “B” Session 5: The World’s Best Buyer Persona Session 6: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Session 7: Demographics Session 8: Trials & Tribulations Session 9: Triggering Events Session 10: Noise In The Marketplace Session 11: Searching For A Solution Session 12: Buyer’s Journey Session 13: Mad Libs Exercise Find Your Customer. Do more business with the customer you want instead of the customer you can get.





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