UXR Kit - 50 Research and Documentation templates for Figma

UXR Kit featuring 50 templates

Why this is helpful? A UXRKit that enables you to add great-looking research methods next to your designs. To start a new project with a great impression as a Complete Designer To react quickly when you see the first missing information To plan interviews/user tests next to your designs And all without wasting time looking for templates or creating them from scratch. With auto-layout and variants, everything looks great regardless of the amount of content! What’s inside the full version? Task Template User Story Web card Starter documentation Target audience Stakeholders Map Proto Persona Competitive analysis In-deep Interview Empathy Map Persona Story Mapping Card Sorting Customer Journey Map User Testing Plan Usability Test Report Template Sprint Challenge How Might We Lightning Talks Forms Existing Product Audit Competitor Audit Simple Customer Journey Google HEART Template Extras: File Covers for Projects Visual comment templates





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